Smart Home, IoT and Analytics cloud platform,
powered by Z-Wave and Bluetooth sensors.

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What is Nestdeck?

Nestdeck is the universal IoT platform that lets you organize and automate Your life. We support Z-Wave and Bluetooth protocols but we have also plans to include other wireless protocols. Nestdeck lets You implement full automatic controls in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

You can monitor your house, switch on the lights by intelligent outlets and switches, steer heating control, control sprinklers and automatic watering a garden, detect motion and run some actions, measure humidity and temperature, check if windows are closed or just close a roof window.

You can track all events in your house. On single page you can see everything that happened in Your environment.

Nestdeck is a powerful cloud-based web platform that lets you remotely manage and control your house by your smartphone, tablet or computer.
You can integrate your house with every mobile device that you have.

Nestdeck is flexible and fully customizable. You can customize and arrange it as you like/want.

Key Features

Wireless communication powered by
Z-Wave and Bluetooth protocols.

100 meters or 330 feet average communication range.

Compatible with 800+ devices including
sensors, switches, cameras, and much more.

Powerful cloud-based web platform to remotely manage and control all devices.

Fully responsive user interface on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Real-time and historical data visualization, trends analysis, and advanced dashboards.

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